QUESTION: Why did I create this website?  Answer: So YOU would visit it.

QUESTION: What’s it about?  Answer:  You and Me

QUESTION:  What’s my purpose?  Answer:  I need to make a sale.  I’m hoping you’ll buy my message about the efficacy of Self-Help Psychology and, more specifically, buy into a system I call “Attitude Control”.  It is my intention to share more of what I know about business, sales, tele-sales & marketing, self-employment/entrepreneurship, success and failure, personal development and anything else that can help you achieve happiness and your personal goals.  Oh yeah, I also need to convince you that you need a copy of my eBook, “The Grunch Who Ate The Bottom Line!”.  So click on “My Book” for some freebies available when you do.

Question:  What else”? Answer:

**  Check out my blog so I can learn what you think of my thoughts and we can have some back and forth sharing and fun.

**  Check out my Tennis Buddy tennis backboard invention especially if you are a player or know someone who is and who wants to improve her game.  We can “blog” about tennis, too, ya know.

**  Check out my “Other Stuff” — surely there is something that will “tickle your fancy”




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